Well, we all know who Bobby is right? All I can say is after the first few minutes on the phone with Bobby I was cracking up! Bobby is a ball of laughs and jokes that go right along with his awesome ability to rip a R/C heli around the skies with finesse and skill whether it be a electric 450, to a high powered 90 machine! I found out some stuff about Bobby that I promise you that you do not know, find out what inside!!


RCHR: If you could have any super hero power what would if be?

Bobby: Well, I know this is kinda obvious but it would probably be the ability to fly.

RCHR: I am going to say 5 words in a row and you have to tell me the first thing that comes to your mind.

Bobby: ok, (RCHR) Christmas (Bobby) reindeer (RCHR) Bert (Bobby) Ernie (RCHR) Yager (Bobby) headache (RCHR) IRCHA (Bobby) headache (RCHR) Birmingham (Bobby) mud! (RCHR) Cow (Bobby) Moooooo lol!

RCHR: Whats has been the best moment for you in the time that you have been in the hobby?

Bobby: Definitely IRCHA 2006 on Saturday during the noon time demo, I had an amazing flight and toward the end of it I was pulling out of a tail-slide and stripped the tail gears!  I tried to pull out of it and tried to still fly but had to land, definitely my best moment so far!

RCHR: Whats has been the most embarrassing moment for you in the hobby?

Bobby: Last year at XFC I spent around 500.00 on fireworks and a whole bunch of time to have this crazy “epic” flight with my fireworks in the background and when it came time to fly and I was starting the routine NOTHING worked! I was extremely pissed and angry! I could not believe how bad it was, it clearly fell short of the “the best flight of all time” lol.

RCHR: If you were going to be a type of food, what would it be?

Bobby: Well no food comes to mind but as far as consumable items I would have to say Gatorade for sure, very solid drink….oh and Red Bull…Vodka at users discretion!

RCHR: If you had to choose between one fun fly and one competition for the entire year what would they be?

Bobby:  I would for sure have to say XFC for competition and  MHA (Maryland Helicopter Association) fun fly!

RCHR: Who was your greatest influence in the hobby?

Bobby: Three names come to mind off the bat, they would be Mr. Will Fannin (White Chocolate), Jason Pipkin, and Beast. They were an awesome influence that helped me with everything from setup,how to fly all the way to Beast teaching me the 3D smack down!

Bobby Smnile

RCHR: If you won 100million what is the first thing you would do with it?

Bobby: Once again I know this is cliche but payoff college, let mom retire, and buy house.

RCHR: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Bobby: I can not stand people holding their nose while sneezing, its like why stop the inevitable, also people not cleaning up after themselves…..roommates lol!

RCHR: Have you ever got burnt out or frustrated, if so how did you recover?

Bobby: Yes, last year after IRCHA, I was just burnt out. I stopped flying for almost 2 months because I just needed a break. I also fly less when weather is less favorable like in the winter and what not. I generally just need a fun fly to snap me out of it.

RCHR: If you could bring anyone back from the dead who would it be?

Bobby: William Wallace, and Mercury from Queen.

RCHR:If you could join any rock band who?

Bobby: Metallica hands down!

RCHR: Going out with some friends in the hobby for a night out, who is a must have?

Bobby: Without a doubt, Beast! When I am with him I am ten foot tall, bullet proof and can walk on water! Know one messes with “Beast”!

RCHR: Big Mac or Whopper?

Bobby: You know neither, reason, not too into fast-food burgers.

Thanks so much Bobby for taking the time out of your busy schedule to set aside a few minutes for you pals over here at RCHR, we greatly appreciate watching you fly every year and your endless contributions to the Hobby


You can also check out Bobby in our Notable Pilots section as well as his website!

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