Which governor sensors are compatible with the Vortex VX1?

The Spartan RPM sensor is specifically designed to work with the Vortex. Part no: SRC-RPM and SRC-RPMK (with mounting brackets). [Details here.]

We have also successfully used the following sensors, however it is not possible to know that all electrical specification are met.

• ATG governor sensor
• MultiGov governor sensor
• Throttle Jokey governor sensor
• Spektrum backplate sensor
• Align governor sensor *

The following sensors are known to be incompatible with the Vortex as they are analogue type:

• CSM RevLock sensor
• Futaba GV1, GY701, GY750 governor sensor

* The Align governor sensors requires a new servo style plug to be fitted at the end of the wire. Please note that the wires of the Align sensor do not follow conventional colour coding. The black wire is (+) and the red wire is (-).

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