RC EYE 450 in X-Mode configuration.

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Flying the RC EYE 450 (ArF) with firmware version 7.0-beta3 in full X-Mode configuration directly into the sun! It was a rather windy October day at the HKMEC in Hong Kong today with strong gusty winds. The new firmware performed very well.

Flightcontrol: QC-09 with firmware 7.0-beta3
Battery : 4200 mAh, 3S
Transmitter : Futaba 8FG
Pilot : Chris

Line Break - Medium Green

RCLogger, RC EYE 450 X-Mode Flight.

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Flying the RC EYE 450 with the new firmware 7.0-beta3 during rather strong wind conditions in X-Mode configuration. The video was taken 8th October ’12 at HKMEC, Hong Kong. We performed a number of flights today and all performed extremely well. If you would want to get your hands on the new firmware please contact us at contact@rclogger.com. The new firmware works with both, the RC EYE 450 and 650. Thank you for viewing this video and please do like it if you like it 😉

Model : RC EYE 450, fw7.0-beta3 (X-Mode)
Pilot : Chris
Camera: Christine / Tracy

Check back with us here at RC Heli Resource as more information is released for the RC Eye 450.

To purchase RC Logger products directly please visit their website HERE. If you prefer, you can purchase RC Logger products from an authorized dealer in your country.

Source: RC Logger

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