Miniature Aircraft Whiplash 90E Flight 2

YouTube Preview Image

Gens Ace 5300 30C packs
MKS HV servos
Mavrikk Blades

Line Break - Medium Green

Testing 2nd Whiplash with MKS Servos and Gens Ace 4000 packs – Edsel Labao

YouTube Preview Image

This whiplash was built with no second tray and has the battery installed on the lower tray. It is also running prototype Gens ace packs. It is a much lighter setup at around 11 pounds. Headspeed is 2150 with Mavrikk FBL 710 blades. I also just installed all MKS servos on this ship. The tail servo is only at its second flight. It is amazing!

Source: zoomtt

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