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Jeti Mezon 135 Opto Programming

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Synergy E7 Jeti Mezon Testing- Rob McQuillen

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Partial Jeti Mezon testing flight, full flight was 3 min 46 secs.
Normal flight time approx 3 min 45 secs to 4 mins with 4400mAh packs

Ambient Temp Approx 90F

Thanks to Esprit Model & Captron/Helicommand

2160 Head Speed
Lots of pitch 😉

KDE Head Block
FBL Rotors Tail Control Rod Ends

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Synergy E7- TT
Helicommand HC3-X Flybarless System
Futaba BLS255HV Cyclic Servos
Futaba BLS256HV Tail Servo
Xera 4530-500kv Motor
Jeti Mezon 130A ESC
Thunder Power 12s 4400mAh 65c Batteries
Spin Blades Matt Black 700mm
Edge 115LE Wide Tail Blades

Governor Gain: 6

Jeti Log
164a Max Current
86C or 187F Internal Max Temp
2450RPM Max Head Speed
3770mAh, 3 min 46 secs actual run time

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Jeti Box Henseleit TDR

Source: Esprit Model and Rob McQuillen

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