These are great demo flight vids of JR Team Pilot and F3C World Champion Hiroki Ito flying his Vibe SG E12 FBL. Hiroki makes it look easy flying this 700 class heli. Great job Hiroki.

Click through to read about Hiroki’s heli setup and see the great performances Hiroki puts on with his Vibe SG E12 FBL.

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Helicopter: Vibe SG E12 FBL
* Rotor Head: Flybarless 90
* Main Rotor Blades: XB710-FBL
* Tail Blades: JR Carbon 105
* Motor: Scorpion HK4525-520 Limited Edition
* ESC: Kontoronik JIVE 120+80A
* Battery: 6cell 5,000mAh 45C (2packs)
* Gear ratio: 10.3:1:4.65

Propo: XG11 DMSS 2.4GHz Radio System
* Gyro: Triple Axis Gyro System TAGS01
* Swash Servo: FBL-DS01
* Rudder Servo: MPH81G
* RX: RG831B DMSS 2.4GHz Receiver

Pilot: Hiroki Ito (Team JR / F3C World Champion)

Vibe SG E12 FBL Demo1

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Vibe SG E12 FBL Demo2

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