Nick Maxwell One Tank Tip: Tic Tocs

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Watch as world-famous Team Thunder Tiger America pilot Nick Maxwell demonstrates how you can perform impressive Tic Tocs with your helicopter! Throughout this One Tank Tip, you’ll be able to follow Nick’s transmitter control movements in closeup while the full-screen action follows his helicopter’s response. Starting from a stationary hover, he first performs “elevator Tic Tocs” — the model executes half-flips with its tail holding at the center. Nick then shows how to compress the flip and increase its speed. A demonstration of “aileron Tic Tocs” follows, during which the model flips from side to side. Nick also walks the viewer through variations on the maneuver, including nose-down and 4-point Tic Tocs. Throughout the video, he discusses the typical difficulties encountered by pilots learning Tic Tocs and explains how they can be avoided.

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