Are you into scale rc helicopters? Or maybe you are interested in turbine powered rc helicopters?

Here is a video which combines the both of those worlds. This “Blue Thunder” Scale Helicopter from Heli Factory is piloted by Eric Meaux and powered by Jet Cat. Although this heli is large, it flies very gracefully. You have to see the vid to really appreciate the quality of this scale heli.

Continue through to view this very graceful turbine powered Blue Thunder scale helicopter and read the details of this scale model. Awesome flying Eric. Heli Factory your company has a very superb looking and performing scale helicopter.

Blue Thunder Demo Flight BIG SCALE RC

YouTube Preview Image

The latest RC helicopter from ‘Heli Factory’

In this awesome flight we can see the Big Scale RC Blue Thunder.
It is turbine driven and equipped with 3 blade rotorhead.
An absolute beautiful piece of technology.
Many compliments to the pilot; an excellent flight performance.

Pilot: Eric Meaux (France)
Rotor: Standard Rotor from Heli-Factory 2,6m Dia (+8.5 ft.)!!
Turbine: Jet Cat SPT5H 7kW
Mechanics: Heli-Factory
Weight: 24kg (54 lbs)

Scale model from the movie Blue Thunder (The Flying Eye).
Kit includes cockpit and Gattling Cannon.
The model can be ordered as a kit or ‘ready to fly’ at:


or take a look at:

Source: sswemmer

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