DX18 System with AR9020 by Spektrum

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To truly fly like a pro takes skill and the right tools. If you have the skill, the DX18 has the pro-class tools you need.

The Spektrum DX18 is a true milestone for RC pilots who operate models with a lot of functions or a lot of servos. It’s the RC world’s first hand-held transmitter with 18 fully-proportional channels. Until the DX18, the highest number of proportional channels in a hand-held transmitter was 16. And that’s just the beginning.

The Most Advanced Spektrum AirWare Software Yet
The center-piece of the DX18 is its incredibly advanced Spektrum AirWare software. Based on the powerful DX10t software that’s already proven itself in the field, it offers a wealth of programming options for airplanes, helicopters and gliders.

Some of the more notable features include:
• State-of-the-art glider software developed with the assistance of Sweden’s national F3B glider team — 10 flight modes (the most of any transmitter), the ability to modify individual characteristics for every servo in a glider, 5 wing types, 3 tail types, 2 throttle setups and much more
• Servo balancing for all 18 channels using a sophisticated 7-point curve mix
• Built-in servo sequencer that lets users program a complex string of control events they can activate with the simple flick of a switch
• 16 programmable mixes that allow the user to mix all 18 channels
• Pre-programmed servo setups for nearly every type of wing, tail and swash plate imaginable
• Enough on-board memory for up to 50 models with the ability to store settings in excess of 2000 more on the included SD card (limited only by the memory of the SD card).
• The RC world’s only electronic pre-flight checklist
• 2048 resolution on the first 10 channels (which include the primary controls) and 512 resolution on the remaining 8 X-Plus channels
• All switches and channels are completely assignable. Want to move throttle trim to the right slider? You can. Want to use the throttle stick to control sailplane camber and crow? You can. Basically, the user can program any stick, dial, switch or slider to generate any output they choose.
• Four timers – a system timer for the overall on air time of the radio, a model memory timer for the flight time of a specific model, and two count down/stopwatch timers that can be activated any number of ways.

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