Great Planes RealFlight 6.5 R/C Flight Simulator

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RealFlight 6.5 offers you a fresh look at R/C flight simulators — and it’s called TrueView™. TrueView duplicates the look of natural light, which makes the scene onscreen appear as it would at the field. With TrueView, colors are brighter and more vibrant, contrasts are sharper and details are more numerous and noticeable than ever before. That’s good, because there’s much more to see on RealFlight 6.5. The “Welcome Screen” offers you a tip of the day, plus easy ways to select new aircraft and flying sites, pull up current favorites and even experiment with new aircraft/flying site combos. There are also sliders on the Controller Setup and Graphics Settings screens for easier setup, onscreen camera controls and more items for customizing flying sites, more aircraft and flying site changes than ever — and all of the other features that have made RealFlight the best-selling R/C sim ever.

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GPMZ4480 RealFlight 6.5 w/Airplane Mega Pack Mode 2
GPMZ4481 RealFlight 6.5 w/Airplane Mega Pack Mode 1
GPMZ4482 RealFlight 6.5 w/Heli Mega Pack Mode 2
GPMZ4483 RealFlight 6.5 w/Heli Mega Pack Mode 1
GPMZ4488 RealFlight 6.5 Upgrade
GPMZ4160 RealFlight Airplane Mega Pack Only
GPMZ4162 RealFlight Heli Mega Pack Only

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