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Normally, you cant fly the micro helis from Blade with a Futaba TX. You would need to buy a Spektrum or JR TX. There is a German Manufacturer that produces an add on modules for allowing a Futaba TX to bind to a Spectrum RX. In this video I show how to bind correctly with a Futaba T18MZ. The battery for the module is needed as the T18MZ does not give out enough power on the Trainer port.

Required Modul for Futaba:…

Process of obtaining a module:
1) You need to order the version required
2) You need to send in a DX4 or DX5. They will extract the transmitter module from that and create the tiny module that can be attached to your transmitter

Back in the earlier times there was a spectrum module from Horizon available for attaching to the Futaba TX but lots of sources repeatedly confirmed problems and very long latency. This is why I wanted to try out the system explained here and I have had zero problems whatsoever with flying my micro blades with my T18MZ. Highly recommended when you don’t want to carry around 2 TX’es.

Source: Locoracers

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