Nick Maxwell One Tank Tip: “Piro” Flips

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Nick Maxwell is a member of Team Thunder Tiger America, and widely regarded as one of the world’s best R/C helicopter pilots. In his second One Tank Tip segment, Nick talks you through the mechanics of performing piro flips while flying them with his Raptor 90 G4. Screen-in-screen video in the bottom right corner shows you the stick movements for each step, while the main screen simultaneously shows the maneuver they create. He starts with the basics, the four basic heli orientations. He uses a simple “half flip out” and 90° rotation technique, which produces all four orientations in rapid order and brings the heli back to its original starting point. Nick builds on the basics from there, showing how to achieve smooth, continuous piro flips, how to fly reverse piro flips and how to combine sudden pitch changes with a piro flip to produce a pirouetting pogo.

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Source: Hobbico via Tim Procter

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