KDE Direct Design Engineering – Episode IV: BLADE 130X Upgrades

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Welcome to the fourth episode of the KDE Direct Design Engineering videos. This video is highly-detailed and goes through the design details and engineering philosophy of the first two upgrades for the E-Flite BLADE 130X: (1) Flybarless Main Rotor Housing and (2) Tail Gear Case.

The video is the fourth review by Patrick Koegler, Owner and Lead Designer, for KDE Direct, LLC. Based in the United States, KDE Direct produces high-quality, high-performance upgrades for various RC Helicopter brands including: ALIGN, Compass, E-Flite, Gaui, Synergy, Mikado(tm), and other popular models.

Enjoy the video and please feel free to see the full-line of products, flight videos, product images, design presentations, and other information on KDE Direct at: http://www.kdedirect.com/EFLITE130Series.html


All products available at http://www.kdedirect.com.

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