KDE Direct 700XF-495 Brushless Motor – IRCHA 2011

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KDE Direct was proud to attend the IRCHA 2011 event and witness the recent boom in new technologies for Electric-Flight, especially in the RC Helicopter arena. With such a growth in the 700/90-class Electric Helicopter market, 3D flying is getting even more exciting year-after-year.

Mitch Pricer, Synergy R/C Team Pilot, put on a great flight of the KDE Direct TREX 700E helicopter, showcasing the performance capability of the new KDE Direct 700XF-495 HP Brushless Motor. Due to the high-efficiency design, typical 3D competition pilots can experience 5-6 minute flights at high-performance settings (2225 rpm, +/- 14 pitch), but the motor can deliver explosive flights capable of draining even the highest-quality LiPos in under 4 minutes when desired. The motor is being pushed to the limits of LiPo technology on 12S and once ESCs can produce dependable 16S controls, it’s going to be even more insane what this motor will be capable of.

Check out the website of Mitch Pricer for more information on this newly-emerging pilot (www.mitchpricer.com) and we at KDE Direct are looking forward to the new Synergy E6 and E7 helicopters coming soon to the market by Matt Botos Design and Distribution Company (www.synergyrchelicopters.com).

Source: KegeratorKDE

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