Our very good friend Gabriele Galeazzi shared a new vid with us. Here is the vid showing the new Version 2.0 of the DX7 Autotimer & Vibration Upgrade. Version 2.0 includes the Heli-Timer feature.

Click through to view the vid of the DX7 Autotimer & Vibration Upgrade V2.0 with Heli-Timer.

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DX7 Autotimer & Vibration Upgrade V2.0 with Heli-Timer

YouTube Preview Image

For info visit: http://www.gtronics.net

Evolve your DX7 Transmitter with the Autotimer & Vibration upgrade:
No more starting and stopping the flight timer manually!
… and when the timer reaches 0:00 your transmitter will smoothly vibrate in your hands so that you can hear and ‘feel’ that the flying time is over!

Source: Gabriele Galeazzi

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