New from elevated RC is a full carbon frame set for the popular VIbe 50. For all you curious about the weight, it should be an ounce or two lighter than the previous G10 that comes stock with the Vibe. Looks extremely well, and elevated rc is producing some very cool stuff, glad to see they are expanding into the JR product line, as well as Thunder Tigers.

Now you can make your favorite heli even better. Elevated RC has used the latest in high strength carbon fiber for their newest product. Frame set is made from 1K weave carbon fiber which is much stronger than other weaves. Side by side test of the two shows a dramatic difference in the force needed to flex the sheet. What does this mean to you? You will have an ultra stiff frame set for a truer flying machine. Get yours now and feel the difference.

You can purchase the frames at Heliproz.

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