Calculate pitch angles on your RC Heli with your iPhone! An important step in setting up your RC Heli is to adjust the pitch angle of your blades. With PitchCalc you can calculate the blade pitch with your iPhone! Click for more info on this Free App.

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With PitchCalc 1.1 for iPhone blade pitch calculation is easy. Just enter the length of your blades and the distance between them when they are folded together. Enter this values into the application and you will get your pitch angle.

This program is very useful in cases where you do not have a flybar, e.g. systems with a flybarless setup. Even if you have still a flybar this application is very nice because you do not need to take a mechanical pitch gauge with you. Just grab your phone and start this application. It has never been easier!


  • Calculates pitch angle – just enter two values: Blade length from root to tip and distance between the blades when folded together. That’s it.
  • Every size of blade is supported
  • A list with common pitch angles and the required distance between the blades will be displayed
  • Even the pitch angle of the tail rotor can be calculated
  • It is free!

Supported Languages

  • English
  • German

System Requirements
iPhone/iPod Touch (Firmware version 2.0 or newer)

You will find PitchCalc here.
Install the application like every other application for the iPhone via iTunes.

Known issues
Currently none.

Q: How do I measure blade length?

A: Just start at the blade root (bolt hole) to the outermost edge of the blade. Blade lengths of some common Helicopter types: T-Rex 600: 600mm, Mini Titan: 325mm, T-Rex 450: 315mm

To calculate the pitch angle the application only needs two values: the blade length and the distance between the blades when they are folded together.

The data entry process is highly optimized. You get an number keypad to enter values into fields. When you are ready tap on “Done” and the pitch angle will be calculated immediately.

The application will show you also common pitch angles and the required blade distance to get these angles.

Source: icer, iTunes app store

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