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This is the Android RCR Pitch Gauge Calculator, you can download it from the Android Market

This is very handy for quickly checking/fixing pitch problems at the field

1. Enter the your main blade length (mm)
– This is typically the advertised length of your blades but if in doubt simply measure from the bolt hole to the tip at the end of the blade
– Hold your finger on the length input box for a few seconds to get a (scrollable) pick list of common blade sizes (see the example on the right)

2. Turn the TX and Heli on with collective pitch set to zero
3. Fold the main blades back so they are parallel to each other
4. Move the TX collective pitch stick to maximum
5. Fold the main blades further inward so the tips overlap in the middle (inline with the main shaft)
6. Measure the vertical gap, at the blade tips, between the lower blade and the higher blade, enter this figure into the “Tip Gap”
7. “Pitch Degrees” will now show how much main blade pitch you have
8. Repeat this procedure for negative pitch (check that positive and negative pitch values are very close)

Other useful techniques

  • You can key in the pitch degrees you desire, the correct/target tip gap will be calculated for you
  • When the TX collective pitch is set to zero and the main blades are folded back parallel to each other, the blade tips should be at exactly the same height
  • Bobby Watts demonstrated this in SmackTalk EP003 and Bert Kammerer demonstrated this in SmackTalk EP007
  • Use a pitch curve set to 0 50 50 50 100 to make this easy and accurate – this makes the stick position not critical
  • If the blades are at different heights:

On a Flybarless heli change the length of both links from the swash to the main blade grips
On a Flybar heli change the length of both links from the bell mixer to the main blade grips
Note: Lengthen or shorten both links, they need to be the same length

  • Doing this makes your tracking perfect
  • You can also rotate the head to see if the blades remain aligned at all times, if not it means your swash is not level
  • If you don’t get equal positive and negative pitch values (and assuming the difference is small)
  • On a flybar heli it means that something is not level or square, check that the bell mixers are level with the flybar at zero pitch


  • The program has static advertising as per the screen shot but does not access the internet or generate dynamic advertising or pop ups etc
  • The program has been tested on the Magic, Hero and Desire (all running Android 2.x)
  • The program has been used by others on the Evo 4G, Desire SD and Samsung Galaxy S
  • Feedback welcomed, contact me via: Jafa on or Martin on

Source: Martin Lanza, Android Market

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