Ely.Q announces a Direct Servo Drive Assembly Upgrade for the Vision 90 Competition.


Maybe you’ve seen it on the Vision 50 Competition and now it’s available for the Vision 90 Competition. Direct drive offers a connected feel and fast cyclic control when used in combination with servos that are strong enough for the task. This will be a welcomed upgrade for hardcore 3D pilots and those looking for the latest upgrades. Visit your Ely.Q Dealer or hobby shop to pick up this great upgrade.

The ElyQ upgrade parts are:
EQ0054 Servo Mounting Plate
EQ30024 Servo Side Set (V50c)
EQ30017 Servo Mount (V50c)
EQ2004 Ball M3 (stainless steel)
EQ30056 Screw Selftapping 2.5×16

Source: Ely.Q Spa

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