The Zone Event 2011 at Weston Park is shaping up to be a huge event with its different type of competition format. This event just keeps getting better with confirmation of Team Align attending. Continue on to get the info of who to expect from Team Align.

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Things are hotting up in the Zone!

Looks like Team Align will be sending some of their top pilots to the Weston Park Zone event on the 18th & 19th June 2011.

Included in the Align line up are pilots Duncan Osbourn, Raquel Bellot & John O’Rourke.

Expect to see some great displays of flying from these pilots, they entertain crowds all over the world at events such as 3D Masters, Ircha, Alpine Heli Smackdown, Heli SMD ‘On the beach’, Pitchbrothers Smackdown and many more!

Check out the pilots in action HERE! Coverage by at the Align Fun Fly 2010 which was held in Taiwan.

Source: Zone

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