I took the time to email SAB to clear up some of the questions about release dates and pricing of the new SAB Goblin Helicopters. Enrico of SAB Heli Division was kind enough to give some approximate dates and other information on the new Goblin Helicopters. We are assuming these are goals and not promises, so price and release dates could be subject to change.

We recently completed flight tests. The project is now in the process of industrialization.
We are evaluating what are the best techniques for the construction of the various details.
The cost of the model has not yet been set. Presumably in the U.S. market will be around $ 1000.
Our goal is to start deliveries of the first kit in November 2011

Currently our website is temporary. We are preparing a new website that will give much more information.
The new website will be online for 3D Masters.

This is exciting news for those of us that are interested in the upcoming Goblin 600 and 700. As we obtain more information from SAB about the heli we will post more details and updates.

Below you will find the headspeed testing video SAB released showing 3 insanely high speeds. 2150, 2250 and 2330 on the Goblin 700. Many 90 sized Electric and Nitro models run at or under 2000 RPM.

YouTube Preview Image

Source: Enrico of SAB Heli Division, SABHeliDivision via YouTube

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