Version 4.0.k

New features, Improvements and fixes:

• Improved handling of 3D-site graphics issues on lower-end hardware
• Fixed issues with stored model positions when using hand-launched models
• Fixed an issue with TrackIR support when user has “FreeTrack” software installed
• Fixed an issue with T-Rex 700e 3G model not loading correctly
• Online sessions now use “Session Location” correctly
• Fixed several issues with online stability and memory usage over extended periods of time
• Online user-names and session-names now restricted to only using A-Z, 0-9, _ and ()
• Users can now see who is voice-chatting on the multiplayer toolbar (speech bubble icons)
• Clicking “Go Offline” during an online session now takes you back to the online lobby
• Fixed an issue with flight recorder after multiple model crashes

This update is now available from your Automatic Updates menu if you have version 4.0 installed. If you have an earlier version of Phoenix, please download it now

Source: Runtime Games Ltd

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