SK-720 Flybarless System : Software Updates

Download the most up to date installer package, which includes:
Rev 3.00 SK720 Setup Software
Rev 3.00 SK720 Playback Utility
Rev 1.00 SK720 Data Viewer Utility
Rev 3.00 SK720 Manual
Rev 3.00 SK-PWR Manual

If you want to try out the flight log playback software, you can download one of Alvin Chai’s flight logs. Note, the SK720 can’t directly record position without a GPS accessory (we’re working on it!), so XYZ positions are only estimates.

(All Software, Firmware & Documents Copyright by Skookum Robotics Ltd, 2011)

Version 3.00
May 25, 2011

SK-720 Software Rev 3.00 – RELEASE NOTES – PLEASE READ!!!!

* The SK720 will automatically upgrade your setup file to the new format, but be sure to check it over yourself to be sure everything is ok.

* If you were using self-levelling mode, your updated setup will have self-levelling turned off. Just select which type of self-levelling mode you want to use, from the new options.

* If you have not updated to rev 2.0x yet, you must re-set up your tail so that the tail blades are at ZERO pitch in setup mode with the stick centred.

* With rev 3.00, if the SK720 is set to tail “rate mode” (hold gain is zero), it will add in a few degrees of counter-torque trim automatically. This allows users with rate-mode to still get the best performance possible, by setting their tail blade pitch to zero during setup.

* The “low voltage alarm” options have changed, so your updated setup will have it turned off. If it is triggered now, it will limit throttle to 70% to tell you to land right away.

* The unit now has custom fail-safe settings on the collective and aux channels – check the Utility menu to set them.

* There are now TWO TYPES of log files: vibration, and playback. Vibration logs will not play back, and playback logs will not have vibration analysis data in them. This is due to the high data bandwidth needed for vibration analysis.

* Spektrum DSM2 mode will now auto-detect the so-called “spektrum hi res bug” at startup if it occurs, show an error, and will refuse to swash bump. If this happens just power-cycle your heli and transmitter. Please note, the “spektrum hi res bug” is NOT a bug in the SK720, it is just able to detect it.

* In DSMX mode, the DX8 is currently limited to 7 channels.

* Remember to update your LCD unit through the Utility menu. Note that the LCD now has both a “Basic” and “Expert” modes, set through the System menu item.

* To use the S-BUS input option, you will need a small low cost adapter, available through Helidirect.

* At the time of this posting, we don’t have the payment system set up for the extended plotting software. We plan to have it up within a week.

* If you have any questions about new features, the plotting software, or the governor, please see our wiki

Changes to the Firmware for rev 3.00:

* Spektrum DSMX mode

* Better trimming in tail “rate mode”

* Many new self-level options: Self-level always on, Self-level upright + self level inverted, self level only on stick centered, SL stick centered + inverted.

* Option to level the heli if the radio link is lost. If you also set the fail-safe for collective (see Utility menu) to about 25% negative pitch, the heli will level out and auto-rotate down if the link is lost.

* Option to adjust cyclic acceleration (lets you soften or harden control feel: soft + high hiller decay = flybar feel)

* Governor, with both Electric and Nitro modes, with 3 RPM settings and anti-bogging collective management

* Fixed a bug in Graupner sat mode channel mapping

* Smoother collective pitch motion for 9 channel spektrum/JR radios

* Several small bug fixes

Changes to the Setup Software for rev 3.00:

* Support for all the above firmware changes.

* Wizard improvements, including a Governor wizard

* Displays throttle input value

* Flight-log replay options (see Preferences menu)

* Several other small bug fixes.

Changes to the LCD Software for rev 3.00:

* Supports more setup options

* Fixed a bug where if contrast was set too low, it could not be turned back up.

Changes to the Playback Software for rev 3.00:

* Syncronizes with the Data Viewer.

* More reliable and accurate playback

New Data Viewer Software, rev 1.00:

* Please see our wiki for details.

Source: Skookum Robotics

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