The RC Logger Team have released the latest firmware for the RC Logger Pro. Here is version 0.1.78 available for download for those owners of the RC Logger Pro.

Get the details of and a link to download version 0.1.78 by clicking through.

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RC Logger PRO, FW 0.1.78
Size: 3.1 MB

Click HERE to download FW version 0.1.78.

Unzip the archive file and follow the firmware update procedure. This firmware package has been designed for the RC Logger PRO.

Do not use this firmware with any other hardware as it may render your product unusable. Do not interrupt the update process since this may render the RC Logger PRO unusable.

[Firmware Update Procedure]
1. Unzip download file and prepare firmware by renaming unzipped file to rclpro.bin.
Copy the renamed file in the root directory of a SD card.
2. Make sure the RC Logger PRO is switched off.
3. Insert the SD card into the RC Logger PRO.
4. Press and hold the shutter button and switch the “Off / Camera mode / Video mode switch” to either video or camera position.
5. All three LED’s will blink in blue while the upgrade is processing. If no valid firmware file is detected all three LED’s will blink red.
6. After the upgrade is finished successfully the RC Logger PRO will turn off.
7. Turn off/on the RC Logger PRO.

[0.1.78 Changes] 2012/03/30
– Added: Manual shutter speed selection (requires A/V Kit).
– Fixed: Corrected word length in UI (if using A/V Kit) for some languages.

Source: RC Logger

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