I stopped by the TORCHS field in Orlando a few weeks ago to get a few flights in and while I was there I met up with Bert Kammerer flying with a beautiful new canopy from u-neak DESIGNS.

The canopy was his very own Signature Edition canopy that both Mike Fortin and Sean Williams have brought info to you in the past about so I figured I would follow up with some photos of the finished product for the T-Rex 700N that is available now.

As many of you already know, U-neak has teamed up with some of the top pilots to create their line of Signature Edition canopies and Bert was flying the Bert Kammerer Signature Edition canopy for the T-Rex 700N. Check out www.u-neakdesigns.com for more information about this canopy as well as many other great products that are available from u-neak DESIGNS.

Also, you can check out Bert’s website www.bertrc.com to see the latest in the Signature Edition canopies for the T-Rex 700 as well as the T-Rex 250. Bert will be flying these canopies at many upcoming heli events throughout the country so be sure to check them out.

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