Looks like Thunder Tiger is delivering as promised their new Innovator line.  Too bad you will have to shovel out $799.00 to get one.  For this to be an entry level helicopter I think this price is pretty steep.  We will see if the market will bare the high price.

Thunder Tiger Innovator

Introducing the Innovator, a super combo R/C Helicopter. Designed for the best flight performance, as well as other essential functions. Suitable for both novice and experienced pilots.

The Innovator is not only the mechanics; but also the radio system, motor, speed control, battery, blades, servos and gyro. Saving you the time from choosing compatible devices. For safety, the Innovator has a unique security system which uses beeps and LED as warning signal. The security procedure must be followed before take off, otherwise the motor and gyro will not engage. This unique system puts the safety to a high standard. Important parameters are automatically monitored, such as the rotor rpm, max. current, and battery condition. Different accessories including PC Software, Simulator and other optionals are included to make the Innovator a complete programmable helicopter.

-The main rotor head is based on the proven Raptor design and it offers the same control feel that is loved by pilots around the world for years. It gives pilots the confidence to do more and push harder, and at the same time offers uncanny stability.

– The motor drives the tail rotor tooth belt directly to offer high efficiency and space saving. It drives the main gear through a single bull gear.

-Mechanical cyclic-collective pitch mixing system similar to that used on the proven Raptor series ensures precise swash plate control and eliminates the control cross coupling problem found on electronic CCPM type control systems. Smart design geometry prevent control bind at full cyclic and full collective extremes.

-The battery tray design permits changing battery quickly without removing the fuselage. This clever devise makes it easy and gives you more fun.

-Innovative 3 in 1 servo mechanism combines together with elevator, rudder and collective pitch servo. The servo amplifiers are all mounted on the main PCB (printed circuit board) that also houses the gyro and electronic speed controller (ESC) and receiver. The servos are of the digital type to give precise controls in a small package.

-Aileron servo mechanics is house together with the collective pitch control arm assembly. This increases the strength of the collective control arm and saves weight

-It has a high quality mini gyro sensor with heading lock algorithm and an unique feedback circuitry that drives a high pulse rate digital tail rotor control servo.

-Built-in governor system not only controls the motor rpm, but also takes it down. It can monitor various data of the electronic device and execute precise rpm management

-A special 3S Li-Po battery is packaged inside a thin shell, light plastic hard case. Every battery pack has an exclusive ID corresponding to INNOVATOR helicopter. A valid ID is required to start the helicopter motor. A built-in temperature sensor in the battery pack measures feeds back battery condition to the smart monitor in each pack for recording and analysis. It can record voltage, current, temperature and usage time.

-A binding feature is included in the Innovator 2.4 GHz spread spectrum system to make sure the transmitter and receiver will only recognize each other to prevent interference from other controllers.

-To prevent accidentally shutting down the transmitter, a special feature that guarantees the transmitter can not be turned off when the heli power is not turned off. This unique feature enhances the safety.

-In case of forgetting to turn off the transmitter power after flying, the transmitter will automatically cut off the power after a certain period to save battery power.

-A range checking button on the transmitter reduces transmitter radiation power for doing range check before flight. It is recommended to do this checking before flying.

-A flight simulator is included in the PC software and it has the innovator helicopter model in the flight simulator

-The PC will display alarm messages and detailed status of the unit. When an alarm is displayed, it will also display the detailed contents of the alarm and countermeasures.

-The PC software can also analyze the data recorded on the onboard control device during the flight. When analyzing the registered data, it will display the name of battery in use, confirm the output voltage of the battery for respective periods, monitor the battery voltage and main rotor rpm for respective batteries, current, temperature, and change of recorded data.

-All settings are customizable just like in a high end transmitter, such as throttle curve, pitch curve, ATV or Gyro Gain, etc. The included Flight Simulator can also be used to confirm the customized settings.

-Full Length of fuselage: 25.6″
-Full width of fuselage: 5.3″
-Total height: 10.4″
-Main rotor dia: 28″
-Tail rotor dia: 5.9″
-Gear ratio: 1:11:4.95
-Full equipped weight: 29.6 oz.
-Rotor Blade: Foam Blade
-Stabilizer: Standard Version
-Motor: S2/KV3,500
-Battery: 3S1P 1,800mAh/15C
-Speed Controller: 35A
-Default Flying Data: PCS-NOR-0001

Get one here.

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