Hey everyone. Showed up to work today and staring me down as soon as I walked in was the brand new Thunder Tiger Innovator MD-530! I was surprised, and thought maybe we got only one, but we got three in! So they are coming to a shop near you. The price was a soothing $549.99…not the claimed $799.99.  I charged up our battery, and took it for a spin.

The Innovator had this interesting start up procedure, once the radio and battery was plugged in, a tone was emitted basically allowing us to hold this little button down, to initialize our esc and radio, if the button wasn’t pressed, our servos worked, but not the motor. Once the button was pressed, and different beeping type tone was emitted signaling we were ready to fly…..and annoyling this tone didn’t turn off.

First flights showed its super super stable, more so than your average 450 sized helicopter, a nice low headspeed, and super smooth controls. The headspeed was a bit low, and was causing some bobble, but it wasnt too bad, once we went into “flight mode”, which is basically a higher headspeed, things smoothed out, and added a very nice feel to the heli. Flight time was about 6 minutes, and by that time the putting around and hovering was enough. Our glider guy took it for a spin, and said it flew awesome, being the it was his first time ever flying a collective pitch helicopter, coming from a Blade CX2 and a Mini CX.

Our model had some various trim changes through out the flight, don’t know if that was from our scuffed up blades or not, but every now and then it seemed like it needed a few clicks here and there, and a few minutes later, right back to where it was before.

These should sell pretty good in our market, and as time passes we will see how they stand up to the test of time, to all our various skilled pilots.

Pics were taken from my iPhone, not the greatest, but it gets the job done.

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