Yes! We want you!

Are you an enthusiast of RC helicopters?

Do you find yourself searching the internet for the latest information or products in the RC helicopter industry?

Do you like to help your fellow RC heli pilots?

Are you a Team Player?

Are you willing to contribute to a team to achieve goals?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then you may have what it takes to be a Contributing Editor with RC Heli Resource. Read on to get the information on how to get started with RC Heli Resource.


RCHeliResource Wants You as a Contributing Editor!

This position will entail searching the internet everyday for RC Helicopter related content and aggregating it here on this website. When you start, you will receive a JR Author account on which to post content on our website. For your efforts you will be Paid, yes . . . . Paid, based on the amount of traffic you generate for the website and the amount of post and advertising CPMs, page views, etc. This payout is calculated by a well established ad generating service.

You will need to apply with our third party payroll service in order to be paid on a monthly basis. This is a trusted and well recognized service who will keep track of all traffic and advertising generated revenue. In order to continue to receive your payments, you will need to contribute 15 posts per month.

Do you have what it takes to be a Contributing Editor?

Then, please send an email explaining why you are a good candidate for this position along with your resume to:

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