I think many of you out there will be happy to know SmackTalk RC Episode #21 is here. Yes, Bert and Bobby start off Season 3 by bringing us the big guns! That’s right they revisit talking about large electrics. Continue on to read the description of Episode #21 – Large Electrics Part 2, how to get this episode, and view the preview vid.

Thanks for the great vids SmackTalk RC.

SmackTalk RC Episode #21 – Large Electrics Part II

Bert and Bobby revisit large electrics focusing this time on Electronic Speed Controllers, the advancements in Governor Mode and BEC (Battery Elminating Circuit) technology. They also talk about the MA Whiplash and the SAB Goblin! Runtime: 69:10 min. Audience: All Pilots. Price: 4.49. File sizes: Preview (19 MB), High Definition Version (1255 MB), Mobile Version (443 MB), Standard Version (529 MB)

SmackTalk R/C Episode #21 Preview

YouTube Preview Image

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