The Biggest Electric Helicopter – “Tazer” from Bergen RC

I have known Bergen RC for quite long now and have flown their biggest gasser helicopter, the Industrial Twin, not only I was amazed to fly them, that helicopter had the best quality I had ever seen before.


Continuing their legacy, they have recently released a Electric Helicopter “Tazer” which happens to be among the biggest Electric Helicopters in the market today.

I had a very very good experience with the Bergen RC’s helicopters, not only they have great value attached to them, they also come with exceptional customer support.

This helicopter is the biggest electric helicopter in the market today, Not only it is fully 3D capable, it is also the best platform for aerial photography and related applications.

Following are the specifications of the helicopter:
Length: 54 ”
Height: 18 ”
Weight: 11.5 lb. (no battery)
Main Blade Size: 690-710 mm
Tail Blade Size: 95 mm
Gear Ratio: dependent on motor/battery
Recommend Battery: 10s or 12s
Motor: Brushless Motor

More information from their website:

The Tazer and Tazer 800 are similar in specification, only differing in the ability to run longer blades on the Tazer 800.

From the top down, starting with the all aluminum head that is standard in all Intrepids, with the ability to adjust Delta, flybar ratio, AND the swashplate timing via the aluminum washout unit. The swashplate, main bearing blocks, motor and pinion pulley plates are also CNC’d from aluminum. All of this aluminum is designed to be enduring, strong, and as light as possible.

The main shaft is our Industry leading, hollow, fully hardened 10mm shaft, utilizing the original split collars to eliminate burring the mainshaft for ease of replacement.

The pure mechanical mix, no interaction, Intrepid control system is included in this model with some new tips on setup to increase the quickness on cyclic and collective controls.  “Rocket City” links are included as standard, allowing for very fine, half turn adjustments. Control rods are manufactured from 2.5mm stainless with cut threads instead of rolled for strength.

We’ve chosen a 2 stage drive train in the Tazer to facilitate easy gearing options for many different motor and battery combinations.  The belt is a fiberglass reinforced “never ending” type and has proven VERY durable. The pulleys are aluminum and readily available.

The stacked frames are CNC machined from flat plate .093” G10 for lightweight strength, as are the Magnum Style 3D fins.

A lightweight, narrow, fiberglass canopy is standard in the Tazer Kit, using 4 thumbscrews for quick installation and removal. No tools needed!

The Landing gear are from Quick UK, available in your choice of Neon orange or yellow, white, or black.
The Tazer does come with our driven tail system with improved aluminum center hub using pinch bolts to maintain a true running crown gear, and torque tube tail drive system using an aluminum torque tube that is easily assembled and maintained.  The tail boom is lightweight aluminum, as are the dual boom supports.

The aluminum tail gearbox is an open style for easy inspection and large nylon gears for durability.  The input and output shafts are 6mm for strength for all but the worst auto landings…. The tail rotor hub is borrowed from our Industrial models capable of running 130mm tail blades, and the aluminum tail blade grips with 2 ea radial and 1 thrust bearing per, are the latest in geometrically improved tail setups.
The batteries are inserted into the front of the frames, surrounded to help protect them from the dreaded “Taco Pack” in the event of a sudden urge to return to Mother Earth.  We think it better to protect your expensive packs and spend a moment removing and installing your canopy.  CG is easily maintained with plenty of fore and aft room for 2 5S or 2 6S packs, even the big FP 5350 packs.
Each Tazer kit comes complete with the renowned Bergen R/C customer support as standard, and our record of ALWAYS having spare parts on hand means no 6 month wait to fix your bird after a “dumb thumb” or “battery disconnect” or whatever your favorite excuse is for crashing…

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