N5c Tips & Tricks

Manual Corrections –

Page A9 – Clutch Bell Assembly, Lite part number should be 200-404

Page A22 – Tail blade grips for belt drive tail system should be leading edge controlled, not trailing edge controlled

Page A22 – Tail Blade Grip Bolts and Nylock Nuts not shown. Part numbers are 100-316 M3x16 and 100-351 M3 Nylock Nut

Page A24 – Main Boom Clamp, Lite part number shown as 115-111. Correct part number is 115-112.

Page A38 – Crown Gear part number not shown. Crown Gear part number is 610-136

Page A56 – Blade Grip Bolt part number displayed as 100-435. Part number should be 100-435A
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Tail Output Shaft Positioning –

Screw in 3mm cup point set screws so they are very close to contacting the flat spot on the tail output shaft. Slide the tail output shaft all the way to the left side of the tail box and secure the set screws. Doing this assures you will have the correct 5 degree offset in your tail blades when all tail bell cranks are set to their correct 90 degree position.

** Note ** – You do not need the entire throw range in order for the tail to counter act torque correctly. With the Futaba CGY750 my throws are set to 130% on both sides.

A1 Tips and Tricks - Tail Output Shaft Positioning
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Canopy Mounting –

If you mount the N5c canopy without modifying the canopy mount holes you will notice there is a small amount of tension to allow for clearance of the main gear. If you do not like the look of the canopy while mounted like this you can trim 2mm of material from each hole to relieve the tension and the main gear will still clear the canopy as long as the trimming is done correctly. See picture below.

A2 Tips and Tricks - Canopy Mounting
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Carbon Tail Push Rod Assembly -Page A23 & A30

Carbon tubing consists of glue and stranded carbon fiber. If you put too much force on the ends of the tube you will fracture the tube and the threaded rod will come out during flight. The key to building this correctly is to use a brass collar (4mm ID x 5mm OD usually come with 690 or 710mm blades) as a support for the carbon tube ends. Glue the brass tubing over the ends of the carbon rod and you will never have an issue. I’ve seen other Synergy owners use shrink wrap with success. In the future I do plan on offering a rod which travels the entire length of the carbon tube in order to make assembly easier. I apologize for not including this in the kits.
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CGY750 – Want Faster Cyclic Response out of N5c?

If you find the cyclic percentages are very high and the roll and tumble rate are still not fast enough, there is an option! Instead of using the short ball(107-106) on the inner swash, try using the long ball(107-108). IMPORTANT!! If you perform this modification, make sure you trim approximately 1mm of threads off the long ball with a file or Dremel Tool. If you do not trim the threads they will bind with the swash ball housing causing the swash to feel very still.

Another option is to try different set of blades. Unfortunately not all FBL blades are created equally and some have their limits to which no matter how high you turn the swash AFR’s the helicopter will not move any faster.

Source: Synergy RC Helicopters

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