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*Team Pulse Ultra – Ready to Expand Our Team

Passionate about RC helicopter flight? So are we, and at Team Pulse, we are looking for passionate pilots that are team orientated with a desire to represent Pulse batteries with every flight you take. By joining with Team Pulse, you will have the opportunity to represent one of the foremost LiPo battery suppliers in the industry, representing quality & technology on every level of the RC helicopter world.

With Team Pulse, you will receive fantastic discounts via a full array of Pulse batteries, allowing you to feed your passion without breaking the bank. Even more, Pulse will provide team pilots with apparel to represent the batteries you fly, and when new products come to market, team pilots will have the opportunity to test & own these products 1st.

Once you have joined Team Pulse, making orders is very straight forward. Once your email account has been activated, all you need to do is log onto www.pulsebattery.com, and you can make purchases via the website, which will include your special rep pricing – simple & easy. By joining Team Pulse, you can fuel your passion, and fuel your helicopter as well!

Joining Team Pulse is all about representing Pulse batteries by flying well, helping others, and simply having fun. With Team Pulse, you simply need to do what you do best – take part in the joy of flying, and share your passion with others via Pulse batteries. As a member of Pulse batteries, your picture will be displayed on site, and Team Pulse would expect you to use and promote Pulse batteries at the field, or at any event you may attend. In short, it’s all about sharing your experience with others through the passion of RC flight.

Interested? Simply send an email to lpulsebattery@gmail.com, provide a brief description about yourself, your flying history, and what models of helicopters you currently fly. We will look over all applications, and if you qualify, you will be sure to hear from us.

Thank you for your interest in Team Pulse!

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