This is an impressive video showcasing the outstanding performance of the KDE Direct 700XF-495 Brushless Motor. KDE Direct Team Pilot Mitch Pricer takes his Compass 7HV out for some hardcore 3D and does not disappoint from start to finish.

What else could be better?

How about . . . . introducing the new KDE Direct Atom 7HV Electric Series Products? Yes, that’s right the KDE Direct Team is expanding their upgrade series to the 7HV, as there are exciting features to the Compass design.

Click through to read about all the products introducing this exciting new product line and to watch this impressive video of Mitch Pricer pushing his Compass 7HV equipped with the KDE Direct 700XF-495 motor.

Please check back with us here at RC Heli Resource as KDE Direct continues to introduce more products to the Atom 7HV Electric Series.

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