This curious set of images popped up on, depicting a new “T-Rex 250 Nitro”. Could this be a new product out of the Align skunk works? Or is this just a clever work of photoshop? Read on for our thoughts on this set of images.

Picture 1This is definitely a tough one to call. Considering the fact that these images are nowhere to be found on any official sources of information on Align products, it leads us to believe that these images are most likely a well executed fake. Not withstanding is the fact that – at least to our knowledge – there is no internal combustion engine in production that is small enough to fit in a 250 sized helicopter. There also appears to be no exhaust mounted on the helicopter. Additionally, though a smaller version of the Align starter is shown, there is no obvious or conventional method of coupling it to the engine, as the servos are mounted over the output shaft of the engine. Only time will tell for sure whether this really is Aligns next ambitious project, but all current evidence points to the contrary. Regardless, we will be sure to keep on the lookout for any new developments in this interesting new helicopter.


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