KDE Blade 130x Facelift !!

I have been fortunate to receive some of the latest upgrade products from KDE which fit the Blade 130x. Already I’m highly impressed with the quality and performance of the Blade 130x, so any opportunity to make it look nicer without hindering performance will be immediately plus for me.

Who are KDE?

KDE produce some of the best performance upgrades for many helicopters on the current market. In the early days came the first high quality T-rex 700 nitro to electric conversions to now pretty much they have upgrades for most types of RC helicopters both nitro and electric. Newest lines to watch out for are the KDE electric motors!!!!

So what Blade 103x upgrades are available from KDE?

Currently the available upgrades from KDE for the Blade 130x are a Main rotor housing, CNC Tail case and Upgrade bearings for the KDE tail case.

What are the differences between the KDE parts and standard parts?

There are many differences between the standard and KDE parts both visually and physically.

Firstly the standard parts on the Blade 130x are plastic, easily broken in crashes and not particularly nice to look at. The KDE parts are a huge improvement visibly and will survive crashes much better than the standard parts.

The KDE products are highly accurate parts which fit without having to alter any other standard parts on the helicopter. The Main Rotor Housing and the CNC Tail Case are manufactured to high standard, while being strong are also very lightweight.

Is there loss of performance after fitting metal parts?

Metal upgrades has always been an issue when fitted to smaller helicopters, as extra weight causes loss of performance.

I was extremely surprised after fitting the KDE upgrades as they looked superb and even more delighted after flying and loosing no performance whatsoever. The weight difference is so slight you can’t notice it !!!

Are the new upgrades difficult to fit?

The new upgrades from KDE are extremely easy to fit to the Blade 130x, no extra tools are needed only the ones supplied with the blade as standard.

The Rotor Housing is removed by simply detaching the two main pitch links, then removing the main Jesus bolt, the blades then removing the blade grips by removing the feathering shaft bolts. The standard feathering shaft and damper rubber fit straight into the KDE Main Rotor Housing and is assembled in reverse order. The Tail case is also easily dis-assembled then re-assembled whilst adding the KDE parts.

Highly accurate and precision made Pitch link guides ensure a more accurate performance and also the links stay in the guides in a crash, therefore links do not eject off the head upon impact.

The model looking very nice after fitting the KDE Main Rotor Housing and CNC Tail Case.


Upon receiving the KDE upgrades I was immediately impressed with the quality of the products and was very happy on how they fitted with ease. I was further impressed with how they didn’t hinder performance and still looked great. I would recommend the KDE parts for the Blade 130x and I’m excited to see what else they will come out with for this awesome little machine.

KDE Direct Main Head Block at Fast Lad Performance

KDE Direct Tail gearbox case at Fast Lad Performance

KDE Direct Tail gearbox bearing upgrade at Fast Lad Performance

For more information about KDE Direct products, check out their website

KDE Direct Website

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