Fresh off Kasama’s web site we have some updated CAD drawings showing the progress of the SRIMOK 90 electric design.  The first thing you notice in these latest drawings is the battery placement has changed.  Originally both batteries where show up front one on top of another.  Now one battery is up front and one underneath the electric motor.

<br />

The next thing you notice is the placement of the tail servo is revealed in these drawings, shown in the rear under the tail boom mounts.  No word yet whether the tail control rod will be direct or via a lever.


We also get a up close peak at the electric motor mounting system Kasama is working on. No info yet on how the motor will mount to the system, or how it will play with both inrunner and outrunner motor designs.


Last but not least, Kasama looks to be working on a very unique idea of having a on-board series adapter / battery connector board.  This would make installing and wiring two batteries simpler, while also being safe allowing you to plug the batteries in while holding the rotor head.



Keep in mind these drawings and/or design are not final and still under development by Kasama.  Stay tuned right here for more info and details to come!  You can also visit Kasama’s web site by clicking HERE.

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