While many wondered whether Align would actually produce a Trex 700 electric version, aftermarket manufacturers have been happily pumping out conversion kits for the nitro model to appease kilowatt hungry pilots. Align has now answered…


From our friends at RC Mania, we were able to translate and deduce the following information, while vague, the picture infers very similar designs to several aftermarket conversion kits.

Translated From RC Mania:

Align’s forthcoming Trex 700E incorporates a bottom mounted Align brushless out-runner motor. While many aftermarket conversions utilize this configuration, with the motor mounted on the bottom, this limits the overall battery size.

The power-train gearing has been changed to a coarse tooth modulus (a replacement for the original Trex 700N nitro gearing will be replaced too). The bottom frames also have received changes to allow for ease of battery installation.

This Trex 700E is a special design incorporating a locked column aluminum chassis with a T insert two-headed structure to provide a negative ground, allowing a fastener to attach through and conduct via the carbon fiber and aluminum to disperse electrostatic discharge and reduce possible radio interference.

No word on pricing or release date from Align.

Source: RC Mania


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