Spektrum has issued a product support bulletin for owners of their AR7100 and AR7100R  DSM2 receivers. They’ve apparently gotten a few reports of antenna wires becoming detached from the main receiver body.

The problem is that the antenna can become detached from the circuit board inside the case, but still appear to be connected. Symptoms of this issue appear as a “twitching” of the tail if the antenna makes intermittent contact, but there may not be any symptoms at all.

The remedy is simple. “Firmly pull on the antenna”. I suppose if it comes off in your hand, it was bad (or you pulled too hard!).

Give it a little tug...

If you end up with the antenna in one hand and the receiver in the other, send your receiver back to the Horizon Service Center for repair.

If your antenna remains attached to the receiver, it’s recommended that the case be opened and that some sort of reinforcement (hot glue, Shoe Goo, etc…) be applied where the antenna is attached to the circuit board to help prevent the breakage from occurring.

Get it gooey...

To view the bulletin, CLICK HERE.

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