RC Logger

RC Logger X2 Development Shots

What to expect in the RC Logger X2:
1. Max resolution :1080p, 30 fps
2. Maximum frame rate: 60 fps@1080i, 120 fps @ WVGA
3. 11 Mega pixel still pictures
4. Burst mode : 8-10 photo burst in one second
5. High sensitivity (0.724V/lux-sec) sensor for low light photos and videos.
6. Built-in wide angle lens
7. Composite AV and HDMI output
8. I2C interface for external sensors
9. PWM interface for RC trigger input
10. AV kit can be used (Same as for RC Logger PRO)
11. Gyro sensor assisted electronics image stabilization up to 10 Hz
12. Two axis motorized lens tracking (not final)

Click HERE to view a short vid showing the RC Logger X2 – Two axis motorized wide angle lens.

Source: RC Logger

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