Schulze has just released information on their new series of 2.4GHz receivers and transmitters! What is exciting about these products is that they are designed to be cross-compatable with other brands of 2.4GHz gear!

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The new 2.4 GHz transmitter module and receiver series fly under the “wave” moniker.

The μwave series of receivers is our response to the confusingly wide range of 2.4 GHz systems currently available commercially. Modellers “changing horses” often have to plan for the purchase of complete transmitters as well as new receivers. Only in a very few cases is it possible to transfer model memories; in most cases the model memories have to be re-configured. Continued availability of many systems over a period of many years may also be uncertain.

Schulze’s solution offers a transmitter module system which can be installed in existing transmitters in just a few minutes. The aerials can be positioned in the most favourable direction for transmission
(see picture, i.e. the aerial(s) must not be directed straight at the model!). The module can be purchased in versions with one or two aerials, the latter offering a safety advantage.

The same applies to their receivers: the larger receiver cases house two receiving sections for best possible diversity reception. The receivers are also protected against wrong voltage polarity.

Schulze’s 2.4 GHz system is compatible with other manufacturers’ equipment that uses the same transmission coding. Look for the slogan or logo “S3D compatible” on compatable products – this will quickly help you locate the product which matches your model best.

Transmission process:  Spread Spectrum System with (Dual-) Frequency-Hopping (FHSS)

Receivers come in 6, 8 and 12 channel variants. The transmitter modules are available as either a single antenna reception or dual-diversity type.

Pricing and availability should be soon!

Check Schulze’s website for more information!

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