The Futaba GY520 gyro seems to be the hot sale ticket item of the holiday season.  We have seen retailer after retailer the past week offer lower and lower sale prices on one of the latest gyros on the market.  Now Ron’s Heliproz South is jumping into the mix with the lowest price we have ever seen, $129.99!!!  Ron’s is offering this to the first 50 orders received, so if you are interested better jump on it fast!

Here are the offer details from the newsletter.

Buy a Futaba 520 gyro for only $129.99.  This gyro has been selling for $174.99 but the distributor had a special today only. This is limited to the first 50 orders. The gyro won’t be shipped to you until next week but it’s worth the wait. Don’t worry, the $174.99 price will be changed when we ship the order. This offer is contingent on Great Planes filling my order and may be cancelled if they fail to honor their offer. That would be a bummer. I’m pretty sure they’ll be shipping 50 pieces to me today.

Click HERE to order your GY520 from Ron’s HeliProz South.

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