There seems to be some buzz about this “Avant Aurora lookalike” going around these days.  This helicopter seems to be gaining some ground.  The manufacturer RJX Hobby seems to be putting out a quality product but it doesn’t seem to be widely represented, especially here in the United States.  Looks like they have a distributor here in the United States dubbed RJX USA.

Prices are very competitive.  $599 for the 50, CF or G-10 frames.  Seems as if a 90 is in the works.

If anyone has any more news on this helicopter please send a tip to and we will update this post with that information.

Quote from RJX:

“Our goal at RJX is to bring the highest quality machine to our customers, all the while keeping the cost as low as we can.  RJX has been involved in the machining and building of RC helicopters for more many years. In this time we have been able to turn our efforts into an art form. “(Hurrican 50) nitro and “E” powered” We will keep producing the finest machines in the industry for years to come. We will support our customers in anyway we can. To sum it all up, RJX is new for USA but, other parts of the world has been able to enjoy our products for years.  Now, we have brought them to the US for all of you to take advantage of.”

YouTube Preview Image

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