REX has just released the R91HR engine with a 3-needle carb!


In October the REX R91HR 3D helicopter engine will be sold with the long awaited 3-Needle carburetor.
With many prototype iterations we arrived at all new carburetor design with a complete different performance level, thanks to the many test flights from our team pilots around the world.

Our new 3-Needle carburettor is more easy to tune when asking all the performance of the engine, while being easier to tune it is possible to extract more power from your engine with great ease.

This is done by making an thermal insulator on the carburettor bushing, also to reduce the possibility of vapor-lock.

They start shipping in October, pricing of the REX R91HR 3D with the new 3Needle carburettor is 345,00 EUR

More information on the REX site!

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