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I thought a mini review would be helpful as  I happened to picked up one of these on my last shipment out of Hong Kong from and got a chance to use it.

The basics; carbon fiber frame and center balancing bridge with aluminum hardware. The spindle rides on roller bearings. The fit and finish is good, all the hardware seems sound. Most of the metal pieces are cast from aluminum and none appear to be machined other than threads.

Assembly: All that is needed for assembly is to join the two side frame halves to each other using the spacers. The balance bridge and spindle bearings are pre-assembled.

Testing: I balanced a set of 600 mm and 325 mm blades. The unit was strong enough to hold the 600 mm (125 g each) blades except the carbon fiber bridge bowed slightly under the weight. The 325mm blade weight was a non-issue. Hobby King doesn’t put any claims down on capacity but I don’t believe it can handle the weight of a blade over 620 mm.  I don’t think the bridge would break but, I believe the bowing would cause the blade tips to touch the underlying  work surface.

The unit is also capable of balancing airplane props and car wheels.

Overall  I am pleased with the unit. It has a great price point and did the job well. So if your in the market for a blade balancer, I recommend this unit. Reading the reviews, some people have had some issue with hardware breakage but this wasn’t something I had a problem with.

MSRP: $11.31 USD.


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