The new Raptor E700 takes all of the best features of the G4, and combines them into a high quality, yet inexpensive, 700 sized model. Thunder Tiger developed the E700 in conjunction with Nick Maxwell, who used his knowledge and expertise to help create an agile 700 sized 3D model at a great price point.

This new Raptor features a herringbone cut main gear and pinion for a super smooth and quiet drive train. The head design is new, featuring optimized cyclic ratios suitable for most modern flybarless gyros. The E700 is a little bit smaller than the E720, and is designed to take up to 700mm main blades and 115mm tail blades.

Although there is a very small amount of parts compatibility between the E700 and it’s larger E720 sibling, the E700 shouldn’t be mistaken as a modified E720. It has been designed from the ground up as an all new 3D machine, that incorporates the best designs from the E720, such as the hassle free quick swash levelling, and pinion support that sets the pinion height.

Check out the full review here!

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