My Goblin bag came in the mail today. It might be marginally expensive compared to other bags I have purchased or seen, but now that I have it in my hands I can see why. Click for more pics and information.

Some folks have made fun of me in the past for having heli bags. I am one of those people that has experienced more hangar rash on my helis than crash damage. Despite the cost this bag is high quality and feels like a Samsonite bag in quality and construction. This bag is made for the Goblin 630, 700 and the upcoming 770. The canvas outside feels very durable and the slick, bright green nylon liner makes it a breeze to slide the heli in and out of the bag. Topping off the good looks, bright colors and durable feel, the screen printing on the sides, top and back is crisp. It has padding between the inner and outer walls, and has high quality piping and thread work throughout. The handles are very nice and every stitch looks like very tough nylon thread. The double zipper is a welcome addition and the heli slides in and out of the bag with ease and does not catch on any of the closures as I have seen on some other brands of heli bags. Time will tell how it holds up. It looks like a sure winner at first site. Go pick one up at your Goblin dealer!

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