As soon as I saw these skid clamps from Random Heli I knew I had found the solution to my heli transportation needs! Check out the introduction, and then click the link below to read the full review on our sister site,

We spend a lot of time with our helis, building, tuning, test flying, and then more tuning, until we finally get them to fly just the way we want them to. There is so much information and upgrades available for them that it would be near impossible to list them all in one place. Yet, when it comes to transporting them, there really isn’t a whole lot of info out there, let alone ready to buy solutions. Up until last year, my helis would ride around on the back seat of my truck, constantly bumping into each other as I tried to get the most out of the small amount of real estate I had to work with.

Last year I got to see what a friend of mine had come up with, and I instantly copied his idea. I built a shelf that would span the width of my truck bed, and used a 1×2 with a single bolt and wing nut to hold each helicopter in place. While this worked (I tested it on an eight hour road trip), it wasn’t perfect. The wing nuts would start to work their way loose, and the helis would slide around a little on the shelf over the course of the journey. Those wing nuts were also hard on the fingers during cold winter days when I would snug them up before traveling.

Fortunately, somebody else had been brainstorming on how to secure their helis. This person was Ray Lepper, and Random Heli was born. Ray designed a simple to use, but incredibly effective solution to our heli transport needs. His skid clamps are easy to install, and easier to use, plus they come in three different colors (you know how heli guys like to personalize their gear!). Using them for transport isn’t their only use, you can also use them as wall hangers, or even ceiling hangers! Heck, if you can screw a skid clamp to it you can hang your heli from it!

Click here to read the review!

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