I’ve got another published review to share with you, this time it’s the Axe 100 CP from Heli-Max!

The Axe 100CP from Heli-Max is a micro sized, fully aerobatic helicopter. Using micro servos, “TAGS” flybarless technology, and an efficient layout, it can handle even the most complicated of 3D maneuvers. It is available as a ready to fly package, with an included transmitter, or as a TxR (transmitter ready) version. For this review I’ll be looking at the TxR version, using the AnyLink adapater with my Futaba 8FGS.

In the Box:
The Axe 100 CP comes in a small box, packaged in a blister pack. This TxR version features smaller packging than the RTF version, making it very easy to carry it around with you. There really isn’t too much to the packaging, it’s simple and compact, and holds everything you need.

Check out the full review at the link below!

Heli-Max Axe 100 CP Review


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