For the past 2 years I’ve used the K&S starter battery mounts with two NiMH 7cell packs on my TorqMaster.  This sufficed for starting my T-Rex 600N, but once I moved up to the T-Rex 700N I quickly found out the NiMH did not have enough juice.  After a quick test with a 4S 3850 lipo I had laying around I knew this is what I needed going forward, but how to mount it?  Enter Heli Daddy and their home brew carbon fiber lipo battery mount kit for the Hobbico TorqMaster 180 starter.

Price: $25.99 (Free Shipping)

Items Needed (not included with mounting kit):

  • Hobbico TorqMaster 180 12V Heavy Duty Starter ($39.99)
  • 4S 3300-3800mah 14.8V Lipo Battery ($80-140)
  • 5 Inches of Heavy Duty Velcro
  • Velcro Strap (optional)

Tools Needed:

  • 1/16″ Allen Driver
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Blue Loctite
  • Scissors

Assembly – Score 9:

Heli Daddy does not include any instructions, because well it’s pretty straight forward.  If you have any questions on how it goes together use the pictures here or on Heli Daddy’s site for reference.

Start by assembling the four aluminum posts to the carbon fiber bottom plate.  Make sure to run the screws through the included rubber feet and use blue loctite on the screws.  Next take one half of a 5″ strip of heavy duty velcro and stick it to the bottom plate for mounting the battery.  Stick the opposite side of the velcro to the battery of your choice and install on the bottom plate.

Before bolting the starter to the mount you need to first bolt the top plates to the starter.  Heli Daddy has included four (4) lock nuts for this task.  Once the upper plates are mounted to the starter, install the remaining four screws to the top of the alum posts completing the install.  Use loctite on all screws going into the aluminum posts.

There are two slots cut on the bottom plate to facilitate a velcro strap to hold down the battery.  If you use a good heavy duty velcro to secure the battery the strap is optional.

Build Quality – Score 10:

Heli Daddy’s products as I’ve found in the past are of very high quality.  The carbon fiber they use is quality 2mm stock and looks very nice.  My only gripe about the kit was the fact they use standard hardware instead of metric.  I won’t deduct any points from the score, because of course it doesn’t effect the product.  I just personally prefer metric.  Come to find out from talking with Heli Daddy the reason they used standard over metric hardware was to save the customer money.  The metric hex spacers would have increased the cost of the kit overall, so the choice was made to go with standard.  One very nice touch is the included rubber feet for the bottom plate.  This makes sure that your starter won’t scratch whatever it’s resting on, as well as not sliding off easily.

The lipo mount is compatible with many different battery options.  The ideal configuration is a 4S 3300-3800 14.8V lipo.  However you could use two 3S or 4S 2200 lipo packs in parallel as well.

To purchase your own Lipo Mount visit Heli Daddy’s web site by clicking HERE.  Heli Daddy’s shipping department is very fast, all of my orders have always gone out within 24 hours of placing.

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