I recently had the opportunity to review the Phantom from DJI Innovations. I’ve never played with aerial video before, and it was very exciting for me to try something new in the hobby! The review was published on our sister site, RCGroups.com, so be sure to click the link below to check it out!

DJI Phantom
It is a very exciting time for multi rotor hobby, as more companies start to push the envelope on the products that they release. With the recent boom in multi rotor aircraft, the options can be a little overwhelming when first starting out; which airframe? What motors to use? Which flight controller? ESCs?.. to name only a few. DJI, who were already making great strides in the multi rotor world, recognized this, and developed the Phantom. A true ready to fly quad rotor, loaded with high tech goodness; that will get both the beginner and advanced pilot in the air and having fun in a very short period of time. Complete with transmitter, the Phantom boasts a plethora of gadgets to help guide your Phantom through the air, including a GPS, Magnetic Compass, Barometer, Accelerometer, and 3 axis gyro, all of which are already assembled, programmed, and ready for you to fly. As an extra bonus, the Phantom also includes its own GoPro camera mount, which opens the door to a whole other aspect of R/C flying – aerial video!
I got my first glance at the Phantom during the 2012 Orlando Heli Blowout, it was on static display and looked like a very unassuming little quad – it’s looks betraying the capability it held inside. After the event I went online to learn more about it, and was very impressed by the technology used, and I became extremely curious to try one out.

Click here for the full review

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